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Re: osx test

From: Jörg Beyer
Subject: Re: osx test
Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 01:41:40 +0200
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as far as I remember gcc is part of a fairly 'old' Xcode.
Xcode 2.1 shipped with gcc 4.0.0, Xcode 2.2 with 4.0.1; current is Xcode 2.5
for Tiger machines, and Xcode 3.0 for Leopard, both shipping with gcc 4.0.1
(but different build numbers and some minor fixes under the hood compared to
pre-Xcode 2.5 releases).

So I'd first try to update to the most recent developer tools you can run on
your machine. In case you are on Leopard, you can install both Xcode 3.0 and
2.5 side by side.  (Okay, I know the downloads are *huge*, and the
installations eat approx 1.5GB each :-/)

Oh, and could you please tell us some details about your machine (OS you are
running, Intel or PPC machine)?

Good luck 


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