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Re: Pre release for the cygwin/windows setup. Tests needed.

From: unknown-1
Subject: Re: Pre release for the cygwin/windows setup. Tests needed.
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 23:56:46 +0200

   When I try to run it, I get a message saying
   "Windows cannot find 'run'. ..."  Perhaps this is because of it being
    on a different disk, like you mentioned.
Strange can you give me the value of the temp envrionment variable and the path where you installed the installation?

I checked this.  I can't find any reason why this is happening.  The other drive should only be a problem if you don't have write access to the current directory which is not the case if I understood well. To find the problem,  I need more information.
   There's also an annoying window that keeps popping up saying that a
   virus has been detected on my machine, but I'm not sure if that
   happended before I installed or not.
I hope it is only on your machine. It would surprise me if I had a virus in the package. My environment is heavy protected and isolated. I will check this to be 200 % sure.

Nothing found on my computer. There are some reports AVG gave int the past some false warnings on Cygwin. Could that be the problem?


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