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Re: build problems

From: Ed
Subject: Re: build problems
Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 00:05:54 +0100

Debian ships gnulib in /usr/bin and /usr/share/gnulib/. The version is
too old to supply some of the macros pspp uses, but just pulling the
git repository (as suggested by the build docs) works just fine.

I spent a few hours playing with PSPP trying to get it to compile on
debian/etch. My basic constraint is that while I would like to
contribute, I simply can't risk the stability of my machine at this
point, so it has to stay within the confines of debian stable.

The following are the problems I had.

(1) gettext-0.17
- seems to be required so that AM_XGETTEXT_OPTIONS is available (to avoid gnulib
  warnings), however the output clearly shows the alternative to requiring a
  whole version bump of gettext is to edit po/Makevars. Essentially, some gnulib
  modules have requirements for po/Makevars that they can append automatically
  if AM_XGETTEXT_OPTIONS is available, otherwise this edit is required.

(2) gperf
- despite the immense configure process, gperf isn't tested for (you get to make
  and it dies)

Can easily fix with (in
  AC_CHECK_PROG([have_gperf], [gperf], [yes], [no])
  AS_IF([test x$have_gperf = xno], [AC_MSG_ERROR([gperf is required!])])

  but this then requires the user running a configure script to have the tool.
  The force of my magic is insufficient for this task.

(3) gtk+-2.12
  There are only two places where post 2.8 APIs are used:
  ( i) the data import wizard
       Files affected:

       Uses a GtkAssistant (new in 2.10). Fix is to make compiling
       text-data-import-dialog conditional on gtk-2.10 ( and the
       single call out from data editor condiitonally compiled.

  (ii) tooltips in the treeview
        Files affected:

       Uses GtkTooltip rather than the old GtkTooltips (new in 2.12). Fix is
       to make the affected method and its caller conditionally compiled.

The following is a patch against current cvs that allows pspp to build
with gettext-0.16.1 and gtk-2.8.20, which are the most recent versions
available in debian stable. The functionality is 99% percent present
(could be more, but why work too hard when all you have to do is wait
for the fix to present itself - this is enough that I could work on
pspp now...) All that is missing is tooltips in the tree view and the
import text data wizard.

I hope this is reasonable... (nb I've tried to be very careful, but
since I can't install these libraries, I can't test my patch works on
2.12+ - if I could I wouldn't need the patch).


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