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Re: more on SAS data files

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: Re: more on SAS data files
Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 12:21:54 -0700
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Ben Pfaff <address@hidden> writes:

> Offset 0xa4 almost certainly contains the date and time at which
> the file was created, because sorting the files by the bytes in
> the 8 bytes starting there causes them to be put into a
> reasonable order of creation.  I'd assume that it was written as
> an IEEE 8-byte float in seconds since Jan 1, 1960, since that's
> the format that SAS uses internally anyhow, but by my
> calculations that would mean that your sample files were created
> sometime around March 21, 2007, which I assume is over a year
> off, so something is fishy here.

Never mind.  On a second look, I think it must be spot on,
because that's the same date saved in the zip file for those

    address@hidden:~/tmp(0)$ zipinfo |head -5
    Archive:   707074 bytes   846 files
    -rw-a--     2.0 fat    57925 t- defN 21-Mar-07 10:49
    -rw-a--     2.0 fat   264416 t- defN 21-Mar-07 10:51 logfile.log
    -rw-a--     2.0 fat     5120 b- defN 21-Mar-07 10:50 
    -rw-a--     2.0 fat     5120 b- defN 21-Mar-07 10:50 
Ben Pfaff

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