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Re: boxplots (at least for HTML export)

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: Re: boxplots (at least for HTML export)
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 20:04:55 -0800
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Jan Wort <address@hidden> writes:

> Often I miss the possibility to have boxplots as they can help
> tremendously in getting an impression of the data. So I would
> like to implement this feature at least in the HTML file export
> (and if the result viewer is HTML based, in that too) So to get
> started: how can I edit the HTML-template (or however the HTML
> is generated) that is used for generation of the content?

Hi Jan.  Boxplots are already implemented.  You can generate them
with the EXAMINE command, documented (e.g.) here:

I have not tested this specifically, but they should work OK for
HTML export.  Please report a bug if they do not.

To answer the question that you asked about an HTML template,
there isn't really much of a template, but you can find what
there is in src/output/html.c inside the PSPP source tree.
Ben Pfaff

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