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psppsheet progress

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: psppsheet progress
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2013 23:15:17 -0700
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I checked in an implementation of primary selection for the psppsheet
branch just now.  Here's my remaining TODO list for this branch.

To fix before merging

Moving the focus to a different top-level window, then back to the
datasheet or variable sheet window, causes editing of the current cell
to stop.  One must click again to start editing again.

Other bugs

If you resize the columns on the variable view, for example the Type
column, such that it is narrower than default, the button gets cut,
before the label.  This causes the startup condition to look odd in
locales with longer than normal labels.  For example a German locale,
which says "Numerisch" and then there is half a button to the right.

Switching between Data and Variable view causes the Toolbar to be
redrawn. I guess that's ok.  But it redraws in a funny way.  It seems
to redraw, then insert the buttons one by one, redrawing after each.
Looks distracting.  (Reported by John Darrington.)

The case buttons at the head of each row in the data sheet should not
scroll with the rest of the row.  (Reported by John Darrington.)

The space to the right of the "new variable" column in the data sheet
doesn't look like the SPSS sheet or like a normal spreadsheet.
(Reported by John Darrington and Michel Boaventura.)

I think a solid line or some kind of separator beneath the data
sheet's entry/label hbox would make the appearance nicer.  (Reported
by John Darrington and Michel Boaventura.)

If I click on Insert Case in the data sheet, the new case assumes the
value of the cell which is currently selected.  It should have all
values empty.  This happens only on Windows.  (Reported by John

Large copies hang in the data sheet.

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