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Re: Proposal for new art for GNU PSPP

From: Hugo Alejandro
Subject: Re: Proposal for new art for GNU PSPP
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2013 07:00:25 -0400

Thank you. I hope the answer comes to the correct mailing list.

In the previous message, I forgot to mention a few things:
→ PSPP art, is licensed under CC A-share-alike
( as well as projects
which it derives.
→ The menu icons for the analysis, are not yet included (This problem
for usability and readability in its design).
→ The symbolic icons are in *.svg with the intention of using support
capabilities in GTK +
( but
can easily be ported to another format.
→ One reason to work on this idea, is to promote the use of the
toolbar of the application.
→  It is considered to create a theme of icons in high contrast for
accessibility reasons.

2013/6/30 John Darrington <address@hidden>:
> Wow! It certainly *looks* professional.
> I'd like to use these.   Let's continue the discussion on address@hidden
> J'
> On Sat, Jun 29, 2013 at 08:04:28PM -0400, Hugo Alejandro wrote:
>      With a friend, we worked on a renewal of art for GNU PSPP, which
>      includes icons (mimetypes and application) and logos.
>      I present the proposal to the developers for this medium to get their
>      opinion and if possible include the work we have done in the
>      application. We have become familiar with GNOME human interface
>      guidelines and have an average knowledge of design software (Inkscape,
>      GIMP, etc.).
>      Attached file now includes the set of icons for mimetypes and for
>      menus and toolbars. For the latter, we have drawn on the work of the
>      community of libreoffice (libreoffice flat icon set) to include GNOME
>      symbolic icons in the toolbar.
>      The idea is to create a base for the art of GNU PSPP (on a github
>      repository), and may include more people and improve the work.
>      That for now, look forward to your response.
>      Thanks.
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