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Re: [patch #8549] Startup Notification does not work

From: Friedrich Beckmann
Subject: Re: [patch #8549] Startup Notification does not work
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2014 16:21:04 +0200

Hi John,

I don't see that.  But then I don't use a "normal" debian environment.

I do remember years ago, when I first implemented the splash screen, there was a
similar problem where the appearance of the splash was interpreted as the start
of the application.   To fix that, we introduced the two calls to gtk_window_set_auto_startup_notification
in main.c and that fixed the problem (until now).

Maybe you could try experimenting with those two calls and see if it makes any improvement.

From my point of view I could reproduce and confirm the bug in a debian testing environment. I do not
know what the reason for the bug is - my first guess to fix it finally would be along the line you propose, i.e.
some gtk_xxx calls. Until that is done I would switch off the behaviour with the patch that is already 
in the repository as the faulty behavior is pretty annoying. But I think it is no high priority problem. So my 

a) switch startup notification off in pspp.desktop as it is already done
b) later look into it and make it work again. When that is done, switch it on again.


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