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Re: SPO file viewer

From: Kai Borgolte
Subject: Re: SPO file viewer
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2020 18:41:35 +0100
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Am 04.01.2020 um 18:27 schrieb Ben Pfaff:

> Oh! Wow. What operating system (what version of Windows) is Legacy
> Viewer installed on?

Windows 10 64 bit

SPSS itself uses a 16 bit setup program, so we had to use a virtual PC
with Windows 32 bit to install it.

> Oh, I thought that it allowed making changes to tables if you double-clicked
> on one. That is not an option?

No, the viewer cannot "open" the pivot tables.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Kai Borgolte, Bonn

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