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set workspace

From: Jaap-Andre de Hoop
Subject: set workspace
Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 12:39:37 +0200

Maybe the first message, at least the first I receive:

When importing an csv-file to pspp, I get the warning:
Warning: Workspace limit of 4096 KB (1147 cases at 3656 bytes each)
         overflowed.  Paging active file to disk.

I tried to set the workspace by one of the following:
set workspace 6000.
set /workspace 6000.
set /workspace=6000.
set /workspace=6000.

(al the time including the dot)

but I get the error:
workspace.sps:1: error: SET: Syntax error expecting end of command at `6000'.
workspace.sps:1: warning: This command not executed.

I use pspp version 0.3.0 from debian.

Is this command not yet proper implemented in 0.3.0?
Do I use the wrong command?

Kind regards,

Onderzoeksbureau Data-Assist
Hofkamp 177
7582 GR  Losser
+31 (0)53-53 63 350

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