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PSPP outup and instalation

From: PiotrKrowiarz
Subject: PSPP outup and instalation
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 10:53:49 +0100

    I am impressed Your PSPP project - I have recently found it in the internet. I am an SPSS user and I am looking forward to have an
open source statistical software, which is that powerfull as SPSS is. Actually I think You could fix a lot of SPSS features which are very unpleasent fot the analytics.
    I have few questions about PSPP. I would like to know if an unerxperienced linux user is able to install it at the computer and start doing analysis? I have linux distribution on my computer but I am not an expericenced user - I installed my distibution automaticly from the CD and for now I know only few basic linux commands - Is this enough to start? I mean does PSPP installs automaticly on my computer with all its features?.
    Another question - does PSPP produce output files similar to SPSS - is this possible to use resaults of analysis just after running it from syntax? Another question: is this possible to export the resaults to open office by using syntax?.
Best Regards,
Peter Krowiarz
Research and Analysis Division - Time Sp z o.o.
Senatorska 13/15, 02-620 Warsaw

phone: (+48) 22 829 67 37, fax:(+48) 22 828 54 12
e-mail: address@hidden

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