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Re: problem loading SPSS 15.0 save files

From: Daniel E WILLIAMS
Subject: Re: problem loading SPSS 15.0 save files
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 12:48:53 -0800

Thanks!  That appears to have done the trick.  It gives the warning:

GNU pspp 0.4.0 (Wed Nov 29 12:28:04 PST 2006).
PSPP> GET FILE = 'demo_data_set_SHORTER.sav'.
warning: demo_data_set_SHORTER.sav: Unrecognized record type 7, subtype 16
        encountered in system file.
but commands like LIST and FREQUENCIES appear to work properly. 
Dan Williams
Forecasting, Research and Analysis Office
Finance and Policy Analysis
Department of Human Services
State of Oregon, USA
503 947 5354

>>> Ben Pfaff <address@hidden> 11/29/2006 11:15:59 AM >>>
"Daniel E WILLIAMS" <address@hidden> writes:

> If I save a file in SPSS 15.0 (for Windows), and then try to
> load it in PSPP interactive mode, I get the following error:

Thanks for attaching the system file.  It seems that SPSS 15 is
now indicating the "code page" of the system file in a slot where
it previously just had essentially a constant value.  PSPP
doesn't expect that and so gives an error.

If you are able to apply the following patch to the source code,
and then rebuild, it should fix the problem:

cd /home/blp/pspp/pspp-0.4.0/src/
diff -up /home/blp/pspp/pspp-0.4.0/src/sfm-read.c\~ /home/blp/pspp/pspp-0.4.0/src/sfm-read.c
--- /home/blp/pspp/pspp-0.4.0/src/sfm-read.c~    2005-07-30 13:06:30.000000000 -0700
+++ /home/blp/pspp/pspp-0.4.0/src/sfm-read.c    2006-11-29 11:12:42.000000000 -0800
@@ -548,12 +548,14 @@ read_machine_int32_info (struct sfm_read
                      : _("unknown"))));

   /* PORTME: Character representation code. */
+#if 0
   if (data[7] != 2 && data[7] != 3)
     lose ((ME, _("%s: File-indicated character representation code (%s) is "
                  "not ASCII."),
            handle_get_filename (r->fh),
            (data[7] == 1 ? "EBCDIC"
             : (data[7] == 4 ? _("DEC Kanji") : _("Unknown")))));

   return 1;

Diff finished at Wed Nov 29 11:12:46

Ben Pfaff
email: address@hidden

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