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Re: Should I use PSPP or R?

From: Daniel E WILLIAMS
Subject: Re: Should I use PSPP or R?
Date: Tue, 08 May 2007 08:26:16 -0700

I've found both useful on the job for different kinds of tasks.  I use R when I need matrix algebra, forecasting, survival analysis, neural networks, or optimization.  I use PSPP and SPSS to transform large datasets, usually for further analysis in R.
Dan Williams
Forecasting, Research and Analysis Office
Department of Human Services
State of Oregon, USA
503 947 5354

>>> "Thomas Levine" <address@hidden> 5/7/2007 3:45:13 PM >>>

It seems like the only real free statistics packages are PSPP and R, but I'm having trouble understanding why people want to create a whole new system even though R already exists.  Aside from SPSS compatibility, what advantages does PSPP have over R?

Thomas Levine

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