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pspp new bee

From: unknown-1
Subject: pspp new bee
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2008 16:36:15 +0200


I had a close look on PSPP. Looks great. However I have a remark and some questions.

In the faq there is a syntax example and the advice to save is as myfele.syn. Better would be  myfile.sps  as this is the default  extension for the setup file in psppire.

Furthermore I tried to compile it for Windows. The newest version of pspp, 0.6, compiles nice using cygwin when the gui is disabled.  And it seems  to work  nice to. (But I didn't a in dept test.) Did anybody succeed in compiling pspp for use in windows with the gui enabled? If so, how?

Thanks for any answer.

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