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Re: pspp new bee

From: unknown-1
Subject: Re: pspp new bee
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 18:06:05 +0200

2008/4/14, Jason Stover
On Sat, Apr 12, 2008 at 04:36:15PM +0200, unknown-1 wrote:
> Question:
> Furthermore I tried to compile it for Windows. The newest version of pspp,
> 0.6, compiles nice using cygwin when the gui is disabled.  And it seems  to
> work  nice to. (But I didn't a in dept test.) Did anybody succeed in
> compiling pspp for use in windows with the gui enabled? If so, how?

Since no one more knowledgeable has answered yet, I'll say what I think
is correct:

If you have cygwin, X11 and gtk+2.12.0 or later, you should be able to
install it with ./configure. If I remember cygwin correctly, you will
have to run the X under cygwin, then start psppire from a terminal

In fact what I did, I hope I wrote it down correctly, is this little howto:
Howto compile PSPP for Windows.

This howto is used with
 - Windows XP SP2
 - PSPP 0.6.0 which uses directory 0.4.3
 - Cygwin setup 2.573.2.2 as is on April 13, 2008

- Download the Cygwin setup program from
- Quit your software  firewalls, maybe this is not necessary for your firewall
- Start the setup program
   - Keep the defaults except:
      - I recommend to use a user specified "local package directory"
      - Select "Install" for the Packages groups
           - Libs
           - Graphics
   - finish the Cygwin installation
- Now you can start your firewall again
- copy /usr/include/ncurses/term.h to /usr/include/term.h   (this looks as a bug somewhere)
- Download the PSPP software and place them in a directory inside the newly created Cygwin directory. For example in c:\cygwin\home\itsme\pspp*
- Start cygwin en go to the directory where the PSPP source is.
- type "./configure --without-gui"
- type "make"
- type "make install"
- now your pspp.exe is in /usr//local/bin
- you can start it when you are in the cygwin environment
- with cygcheck pspp.exe you can see with dll's are used in case you want to place them on another PC's

My problems:

- copy /usr/include/ncurses/term.h to /usr/include/term.h   (this looks as a bug somewhere)
No idea why cygwin places this file in the include/ncurses directory and the make of pspp is looking in the include directory.  I guess a cygwin problem but  if the pspp people can solve this....

When I compile without "--without-gui" then the ./configure tells me:
configure: error: The following required prerequisites are not installed.
You must install them before PSPP cab be built:
        gtk+ 2.0 v2.12.0 or later (or use --without-gui)
        libglade 2.0 (or use --withput-gui)
As far as I understand I have GTK+ 1.2.10-2 which is too old and libglade2 2.5.1-1 which should be new enough if libglade=libglade2.

So I guess I have to wait till the cygwin people update gtk+ and libglade. Or is there anyone who has an idea how to solve this.

BTW. If anyone can use them I can place the pspp.exe and it's dll's for download on a free upload server.

Any answers are welcome.


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