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Updated version of PSPP for windows setup available

From: unknown-1
Subject: Updated version of PSPP for windows setup available
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2008 20:36:53 +0200


There is a newer version, 0.6.0-10, of the PSPP for windows setup available. You can find them on:

You can also use the update setup to update form 0.6.0-8 or 0.6.0.-9 to the 0.6.0-10 version. You can find the update on:

The changelist:

Changes from version 0.6.0-9 tot 0.6.0-10   (2008-06-29)
- The setup didn't work for Windows XP Home edition. Fixed.

Changes from version 0.6.0-8 tot 0.6.0-9    (2008-06-17)
- non US keyboards are supported now
- after starting from the installation directory it is no longer necessary to run PSPPire itself from the %temp% directory. You may change psppire-start2.bat to switch to another writable directory as %temp%

Have fun

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