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Re: Pspp-users Digest, Vol 27, Issue 9

From: John Darrington
Subject: Re: Pspp-users Digest, Vol 27, Issue 9
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 08:15:02 +0800
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Thanks for your feedback.  I'm glad that you've got PSPP working.

The problem is that PSPP is a multi-platform application, intented to
work not only on GNU/Linux, but also on GNU/Hurd as well as BSD,
Solaris, Windows and others.  The convention of using a -dev suffix to
indicate "development" versions of libraries is a common to Debian
based systems, but is by no means universal.    The PSPP developers
cannot be expected to be experts on all the possible systems, so
trying to write a "universal install instruction" would probably be an
abject failure.   Having said that the autotools do a good job in most
situations.   It's unfortunate that the gnu89-inline issue reared its
ugly head so soon before the last release.

Anyway, that's the reason why we don't give specific instructions for
installing on Debian/Ubuntu/openSUSE/... but leave it up to the
experts on those platforms to deal with such issues.  Having said
that, people who have problems are more than welcome to ask here.


On Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 01:38:15PM -0400, Jae Cha wrote:
     Hi all,
     I am the one who started the discussions in the mail threads, having
     problems in installing PSPP in openSUSE 11.  I have used openSUSE 11 64-bit
     as a guest OS of VMWare virtual machine, and had lots of problems with it 
     don't think it is necessarily the problem of openSUSE, but it could be a
     combination of my computer and openSUSE), and finally gave upon it.  Now, I
     am using Unbuntu, and I finally installed PSPP successfully following Ben
     Pfaff's comment on using "./configure CFLAGS=-fgnu89-inline."  Thanks, Ben.
     The other thing was, I had to install -dev's to make things work.  For
     example, the installation complained that I do not have libglade 2.6 or
     higher even though I did.  After I installed libglade-dev, the installation
     could be completed without errors.  I know.  Readme must be mentioning 
     and no, I did not read it :-)
     Anyway, I thought my experience could be a little bit of help for those who
     are not very familiar with Linux and compiling source files like me.
     Thank y'all who pitched their thoughts on this.
     and PSPP installed successfully

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