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0.6.0-10 PSPP windows - Queries (WinXP)

From: David Purdy
Subject: 0.6.0-10 PSPP windows - Queries (WinXP)
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 20:08:11 +0100

I've recently installed the version 0.6.0-10 on a Windows XP Pro (SP3) machine with 2 Gb RAM, and would welcome any assistance with a couple of queries.
1) Very long file save time ? - I'm using a large third party SPSS .sav file (417 fields x 510,121 records = 265 Mb), but am only interested in 7 fields.   To ease the processing load, I deleted the unwanted fields in PSPP, but the resultant .sav file took over 90 minutes to save (9 Mb).   Are there any settings that could be adjusted to reduce the file save time ?
2) Copy from Output1 Window ? - The select all/copy doesn't appear to paste into Windows notepad or Word 2003.   Is there another way of saving the output data ?
- PSPP New user
- Some experience with licensed SPSS v10/12
Updated version of PSPP for windows setup available
From:  unknown-1
Subject:  Updated version of PSPP for windows setup available
Date:  Tue, 1 Jul 2008 20:36:53 +0200
There is a newer version, 0.6.0-10, of the PSPP for windows setup available. You can find them on:

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