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Re: 0.6.0-10 PSPP windows - Queries (WinXP)

From: David Purdy
Subject: Re: 0.6.0-10 PSPP windows - Queries (WinXP)
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2008 20:43:08 +0100

1) psppire.txt - editpadlite won't open it: "Access is denied" (and ditto with the same message using Windows Notepad)
2) Quicker 'Save' - I've had some mixed results, maybe influenced by working with a large file (>500,000 records).   After trying something similar to the very slow save reported earlier (after deleting all but about 7 fields), I got the impression that the file was being created much more quickly.
However, with other tests, I've also encountered PSPP Windows being closed almost immediately after the Save instruction, and having also created this file:
C:\Documents and Settings\David\Local Settings\Temp\psppire.exe.stackdump
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From: unknown-1
Sent: Sunday, August 03, 2008 4:34 PM
Subject: Re: 0.6.0-10 PSPP windows - Queries (WinXP)

Hi Dave

Unfortunately I couldn't reproduce your problem on WindowsXP/SP3 or SP2. I use the (free) program editpadlite for viewing the psppire.txt file.  I assume there are more text editors which give a good result. I can imagine that a editor may lock the psppire.txt file and cause the problem you describe.

Would you mind checking if it works with editpadlite ?

And I am eager to hear if introducing the temp variable solved the problem with the long waiting times?

Have fun.

2008/8/3 David Purdy <address@hidden>
Thanks, again.   I've set up both temp & tmp as WinXP environment variables, as suggested, and am concentrating on PSPP Windows just for the moment.
There seems to be an ongoing issue with psppire.txt (which contains the analysis output), whereby its existence may be hindering/stopping 2nd and subsequent analyses.
After launching in PSPP Windows, the *first* use of say a crosstab is fine, and creates:
C:\Documents and Settings\David\Local Settings\Temp\psppire.txt
   (used to be C:\Cygwin\psppire.txt with temp & tmp not set as environment variables)
However, the next (say crosstab) analysis seems not to materialise.   Quitting and restarting allows another analysis, but the problem reappears thereafter.
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From: unknown-1
Sent: Saturday, August 02, 2008 9:42 PM
Subject: Re: 0.6.0-10 PSPP windows - Queries (WinXP)

Hmm.. I am surprised that XP works without temp. I guess you have a lot of ram. (and some problems)

Is there a tmp environment variable? Check it with "set tmp".

It is normal that you have a tmp and temp environment variable. I would advice:
- In your case, check if C:\Documents and Settings\David\Local Settings\Temp is available. If not create it.
- go to "This computer" right mouse click and then "preferences". Choose "advanced". Choose "environment variables".
 (the names might differ on your computer because I use windows in my own language. So my translation ccould be wrong.)
- Create a new one with the name "temp"  and the value "%userprofile%\Local Settings\Temp"
- if there is a tmp environment variable, this should have the same value. Otherwise I would say create it also. Few programs use it, but is is better to have the variable and let it point to the same directory.
- reboot

I wonder if this helps with the issues.

Have fun.

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Sent: Saturday, August 02, 2008 9:09 PM
Subject: Re: 0.6.0-10 PSPP windows - Queries (WinXP)

Sorry ...
C:\Documents and Settings\David>set temp
Environment variable temp not defined
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From: unknown-1
Sent: Saturday, August 02, 2008 8:54 PM
Subject: Re: 0.6.0-10 PSPP windows - Queries (WinXP)

Hi Dave

I mean a Windows temp directory. The one witch is reported when you type the command "set temp".

Have fun

2008/8/2 David Purdy <address@hidden>
Many thanks for the feedback and the .bat file.
"Is there a temp directory on your installation?"   Three:
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From: unknown-1
Sent: Saturday, August 02, 2008 7:31 PM
Subject: Re: 0.6.0-10 PSPP windows - Queries (WinXP)


>> 2) Copy from Output1 Window ? - The select all/copy doesn't
>> appear to paste into Windows notepad or Word 2003. Is there
>> another way of saving the output data ?

>I vaguely remember another Windows user reporting the same
>problem. I think that this must be a Windows-specific bug that
>we will have to have a Windows developers take a look at.

Right this is reported before.

>Presumably the Command line version is pspp.exe ? - Although C:\Cygwin\usr\local\bin\pspp.exe won't run, an error message says it can't find cygwin1.dll (it's here: C:\Cygwin\bin\cygwin1.dll)

It is not that easy. You have to use the cygwin environemnt. Start a dosbox, execute the .bat file I attached to this message as *.ba and after that you can start PSPP in commandline mode.

I've noticed that, after a frequency computation, a file called C:\Cygwin\psppire.txt is created - which contains the output (but the file disappears immediately after 'quitting !).

I guess this is the only way you can copy the output before you quit. :-( But this is strange. This file should be in your windows temp directory. Is there a temp directory on your installation?

Have fun.

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