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Re: Pspp 0.6.0 in Ubuntu Hardy Heron

From: Andy Choens
Subject: Re: Pspp 0.6.0 in Ubuntu Hardy Heron
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 10:04:26 -0400
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I have a .deb file of 0.6.0 that I managed to compile on my box. I'm willing to send it to you, but I should note that it's a little rough. I made the .deb with checkinstall so it doesn't look for dependencies. But, it does work and seems pretty stable to me so far.

I can send it to you directly if you are interested.

I used the installation directions here for guidance:;a=blob_plain;f=INSTALL;hb=HEAD

I don't know if it has anything to do with Ubuntu being a little quirky, but I also had to add the ruby extensions to several packages to get it to compile (otherwise the compile failed out. Adding these packages seemed to help). I don't know/think you will need them to just run the program though.

My compile does assume you have all of the dependencies installed.

From the install file:     (Many of these are probably already installed)

The following packages are required to install PSPP:

    * An ANSI C compiler and tool chain.  On Unix-like systems, we
      recommend GCC, but any modern compilation environment should
      work.  On Microsoft Windows, Cygwin ( and
      MinGW ( are known to work.

    * The GNU Scientific Library (,
      version 1.6 or later, including libgslcblas included with GSL.

    * Perl (, version 5.005_03 or later.  Perl is
      required during build but not after installation.

    * iconv, which should be installed as part of a Unix-like system.
      If you don't have a version already, you can install GNU
      libiconv (

The following package is required to enable PSPP's graphing features.
If you cannot arrange to install it, you must run `configure' with

    * libplot, from GNU plotutils

The following packages are required to enable PSPPIRE, the graphical
user interface for PSPP.  If you cannot install them or do not wish to
use the GUI, you must run `configure' with --without-gui.

    * pkg-config (  Versions
      0.18 and 0.19 have a bug that will prevent library detection,
      but other versions should be fine.

    * GTK+ (, version 2.12.0 or later.

    * libglade (, version
      2.6 or later.

Installing the following packages will allow your PSPP binary to read
Gnumeric files.

    * pkg-config (  Versions
      0.18 and 0.19 have a bug that will prevent library detection,
      but other versions should be fine.

      To cross-compile PSPP, you will likely need to set the
      PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR environment variable to point to an
      appropriate pkg-config for the cross-compilation environment.

    * zlib (

* libxml2 (
The following packages are optional.

    * libncurses (  Without it,
      PSPP will assume it is running in an 80x25 terminal.

    * libreadline and libhistory
      (  Without
      them, interactive command editing and history features in the
      text-based user interface will be disabled.

    * Texinfo (, version 4.7 or
      later.  Installing Texinfo will allow you to build PSPP
      documentation in PostScript or PDF format.

* libpq, from Postgresql ( This enables PSPP to read Postgresql databases.

Alberto Emiliano wrote:
Greetings, is there anyone who can help me out.

I'm triying to install Pspp 0.6.0, but vía synaptic the available
versión is still 0.4.0-7. I wish to install the latest version without
upgrading to Intrepid.

¿Did someone know an easy (or guided) way to succed?


Alberto Rojas Colvin
Chilean Sociologist

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