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PSPPIRE Interactive Mode

From: Andy Choens
Subject: PSPPIRE Interactive Mode
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 14:00:17 -0400
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I can see that PSPP has an interactive mode, and I played with it and I think I really like it. Is there anyway to get direct access to the interactice PSPP "shell" through psppire? I like to be able to work interactively with the numbers, but I'm a forgetful sod and I tend to have MANY variables in the datasets that I work with. I have always liked the Variable view, and the information it provides at a glance, and I thin PSPP has done an excellent job implementing this feature. If I could use both at the same time, that would be really really neat.

Because of my work habits, I tend to like working out the syntax interactively and then cutting/pasting it into a text editor and then cleaning it and commenting it.

I tried psppire -i and psppire --interactive, hoping I'd get lucky but it didn't work.

Andrew Choens, MSW
Research Policy Analyst
Hornby Zeller Associates, Inc.
(518) 273 - 1614

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