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Schedule for next version? & Some Volunteerism

From: Andy Choens
Subject: Schedule for next version? & Some Volunteerism
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 15:26:53 -0400
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I rarely get this excited by a piece of software, but this one has really grabbed me by the toes. I am also of the opinion that PSPP is exactly the kind of software Linux needs to transition knowledge workers to FOSS. I still like R-CRAN, but using it in an office dominated by SPSS workers is difficult and sometimes impossible.

I think this project could benefit from the kind of positive attention that other projects like Gnash get. Given the high quality of the 0.6.0 release, I'm surprised by the minimal promotion of PSPP within the FOSS community / press. True, it's not as flashy as FSF projects like Gnash, but it is equally important in creating more opportunities to get people using FOSS.

If none of the developers object, I will spend a couple of evenings and write a simple review/article and submit it to a linux news site ( comes to mind). If any of the developers/FSF have any objections to this idea, I will respect their goals/interests and stick to promoting PSPP on the Ubuntu Forum and on my own blog.

And, since I'm sticking my foot solidly in my mouth with this post, I should pony up and volunteer. I can't help but notice that the documentation that's on the site is a little out of date (0.4). What should I do to get involved with helping with documentation?


Andrew Choens, MSW
Research Policy Analyst
Hornby Zeller Associates, Inc.
(518) 273 - 1614

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