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not able to access psppire

From: Pete Khooshabeh
Subject: not able to access psppire
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2008 08:06:18 -0700
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I am not able to access PSPPIRE. I would appreciate any help. I am running Hardy Heron and I can load PSPP from the terminal, but when I type psppire there is not running. Here are a couple of traces

address@hidden:~$ psppire
bash: psppire: command not found

And from within pspp

address@hidden:~$ pspp
PSPP is free software and you are welcome to distribute copies of it
under certain conditions; type "show copying." to see the conditions.
There is ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY for PSPP; type "show warranty." for details.
GNU pspp 0.4.0 (Sun Mar  2 00:37:48 UTC 2008).
PSPP> psppire
error: Unknown command psppire.
warning: This command not executed.
warning: The rest of this command has been discarded.

I installed pspp from the package manager.

Many thanks,


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