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psppire no output? (SuSE 10.3)

From: Erik Frebold
Subject: psppire no output? (SuSE 10.3)
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2009 12:01:00 -0800 (PST)

So I've successfully installed pspp/psppire as far as I can tell, using 
instructions from here:
(until yesterday the page said this works for 10.3 as well as 11.1)
I installed all the recommended libraries without incident, and neither make 
nor the make install seemed to complain at all, other than the C99 conformity 
The program seems to run fine-- gui comes up, can enter, sort, add, recalculate 
and etc.. data, and I can merrily choose data to perform statistical ops on 
using "analyze", EXCEPT that no output window comes up so there are no 
statistical results. (no crashes occur) 
I've looked for psppire.txt (windows only?) and pspp.list and neither are 
found, which might be a clue...  
My machine is an intel P4 running OpenSuSE 10.3
Any suggestions? (apologies if this is a dumb/obvious question-- I'm pretty 
green at this ;-)
Erik Frebold

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