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Re newbie francesco (calabria - IT)

From: unknown-1
Subject: Re newbie francesco (calabria - IT)
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 22:27:56 +0100


> I've just installed pspp and the upgrade to the 0.6.1-2 version (on windows 
> xp home edition
>service pack 2) using the self installer.

I am quite sure this is the cygwin based installation downloaded from

>The program starts and some  times i can also load a data set (.sav, .por, 
>.tab), but at this point
>the program seizes up and i have to kill Xwin process from the

Strange and to be honest, I have no Idea what the problem is. I guess
there is a problem with the combination of PSPP and other software on
your PC. What happens when you don't use the started PSPP program and
leave the PC idle for some time?

>and i have to kill Xwin process from the tasklist.

Why XWin? This is the parent and killing XWin will kill PSPPIRE too.
Is XWin using 100% of your CPU? What does PSPPIRE use? You can see
this when typing Ctrl-Alt-Del and choose "Taskmanagement"and then

An alternative may be using the other PSPP installation from  This uses a complete different
appoach and might work on your PC.

Have fun

Someone can help me? I need desperately to manage .sav and .
por files for university purposes. Thanks. Francesco Munno.

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