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Re: Output files [pspp-1.png etc.] - where exactly are they?

From: Michel Boaventura
Subject: Re: Output files [pspp-1.png etc.] - where exactly are they?
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2009 00:34:51 -0300

Hello Martin,

2009/3/1 Martin (London) <address@hidden>:
> I'm a newbie using PSPP in a Windows Vista environment and I am trying to
> understand what graphing capabilities PSPP has and exactly how (in very
> simple language) to use them. My questions are...

Good to know that you are using pspp :D

> 1.) From reading previous posts and searching the web I've established the
> graphical user interface (GUI) cannot yet be used to produce graphs but that
> syntax commands can. For example, the following command produces a frequency
> chart for variable1 in the output window followed by the line "see
> pspp-1.png for a chart", however I cannot find the file 'pspp-1.png'
> anywhere on my computer
Where did you download the windows version? There's more than one.
Some of they save the output
on the location that you've started pspp. If you run it from a desktop
icon, it should save output to desktop,
and so on. Newer versions save it on the user's home folder. On
windows vista it should be something like

> and I am not sure what to do with it once I do find
> it. Can you point me the right direction?
The png output its an image, like a jpeg or git. Once you found it,
you can double click it and see the

> 2.) I have read elsewhere on this forum that other types of graph can be
> produced, for example that EXAMINE or EXPLORE or DESCRIPTIVE can produce
> plots [/PLOT] and boxplots [/BOXPLOT], and that FREQUENCIES can produce
> piecharts [/PIECHART] but is there a comprehensive list of graph commands
> available anywhere?
There's an pspp documentation who list all of it features. Take a look on:
You can see which function has plots by searching the word "PLOT" on
the documentation.

> Incidently, when I attempt to produce a piechart using
> FREQUENCIES, PSPP closes down?!
Can you please tell us which command did you use who makes pspp to crash?
If possible, can you send us the file who crash it?

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