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Re: PSPPire problems

From: Michel Boaventura
Subject: Re: PSPPire problems
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 20:06:59 -0300

>     1. Problem with unicode support.
>     I found some problems when trying to open SAV data file which contains
>     data in unicode (slovenian characters čšž/ČŠŽ) and/or variable names in
>     unicode. Instead of slovenian characters I get just queston marks
>     "?".
> This should work, but you have to make sure that the character
> encoding of your current locale is the same as the encoding of the
> data file you are trying to open.  However, if your system locale is
> UTF-8, and your dataset is encoded in  (say) iso-8859-1 then you will
> get the invalid characters changed to ? like you described.

My linux runs with UTF-8, and I'm also have the same problem. As we
discovered because of the
non-ascii chars on filename problem, windows never uses Unicode, so
probably .sav files also don`t uses.
So I think that any OS with UTF-8 will always have this problem.

And because PSPP claims to be compatible with SPSS, we should use the
same encoding as SPSS,
who sadly uses the windows encoding.

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