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Re: How do you delete variables?

From: John Darrington
Subject: Re: How do you delete variables?
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2009 00:01:38 +0000
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The DELETE VARIABLES command is just one way you can do it - it's a very useful
way if you have a lot of variables to delete.

If you are using the terminal interface, then you just type the command into 
the terminal.  For example, if  I wanted to delete three variables named "x", 
"y" and "z", then I would simply type:


If you are using the gui, then  you can do the same thing in a syntax window 
(open one by clicking on File->New->Syntax).  Alternatively, you can delete 
variables interactively, by selecting them and clicking on Edit->Clear, but 
this is tedious, especially if lots of variables are involved.


On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 12:42:13PM -0700, jlablackbird wrote:
     I read the little clip in the help screen.
          DELETE VARIABLES var_list.
        DELETE VARIABLES deletes the specified variables from the
     dictionary.  It may not be used to delete all variables from the
     dictionary; use NEW FILE to do that (*Note NEW FILE::).
        DELETE VARIABLES should not used after defining transformations and
     before executing a procedure.  If it is used in such a context, it
     causes the data to be read.  If it is used while TEMPORARY is in
     effect, it causes the temporary transformations to become permanent.
     It does not really help me.  How do I enter the command and where does it
     go?  Do I write in the name of the variable I want to delete?  I ended up
     with some extra variables that I did not want to have.  I'd like to clean 
     the files.  
     I'm afraid if I put in the command wrong, I may delete all my variables?  I
     am new to PSPP.  Can someone please walk me though the process.  I'm not
     super "techie."
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