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mac and PSPP

From: Dominik M. Rosenauer
Subject: mac and PSPP
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 22:55:07 +0200
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hi list,

I just became a new member because I have a question: I use an iMac with IntelChips and the latest MacOS (X 10.5.7). I installed PSPP 0.6.1. but the GUI does not seem to work - or I am not savvy enough to make it work. I open the terminal (right mouse on PSPPIRE) and get the following

Last login: Tue Jun 23 09:51:16 on console
/Users/Dominik/Desktop/psppire ; exit;
dominik-m-rosenauers-imac:~ Dominik$ /Users/Dominik/Desktop/psppire ; exit;

why does it exit? there is a grey cursor down there, I can write things, is this PSPP? Am I to import data here? But this is not the GUI i imagined to come...

please help. and please consider: only a part of my obvious naivite comes from my inadequacy when it comes to unix. english is not my native language so please be forgiving ;-)

best dominik

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