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Output files

From: address@hidden
Subject: Output files
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2009 03:09:04 -0400

Occasionally, I might want output without any surroundings, so as to put
the output into plotting software, probably a spreadsheet.  Hitherto, I
have searched and replaced by hand.  If I add this to the 'devices' files
and invoke it with '-o list-chart', will it work.  I have to admit that I
am new to all this and this is my first essay in 'personalising' PSPP:

define chart-graphics \
box[0000]='' box[1000]='' box[2000]='' \
box[0100]='' box[1100]='' box[2100]='' \
box[0200]='' box[1200]='' box[2200]='' \
box[0010]='' box[1010]='' box[2010]='' \
box[0110]='' box[1110]='' box[2110]='' \
box[0210]='' box[1210]='' box[2210]='' \
box[0020]='' box[1020]='' box[2020]='' \
box[0120]='' box[1120]='' box[2120]='' \
box[0220]='' box[1220]='' box[2220]='' \
box[0001]='' box[1001]='' box[2001]='' \
box[0101]='' box[1101]='' box[2101]='' \
box[0201]='' box[1201]='' box[2201]='' \
box[0011]='' box[1011]='' box[2011]='' \
box[0111]='' box[1111]='' box[2111]='' \
box[0211]='' box[1211]='' box[2211]='' \
box[0021]='' box[1021]='' box[2021]='' \
box[0121]='' box[1121]='' box[2121]='' \
box[0221]='' box[1221]='' box[2221]='' \
box[0002]='' box[1002]='' box[2002]='' \
box[0102]='' box[1102]='' box[2102]='' \
box[0202]='' box[1202]='' box[2202]='' \
box[0012]='' box[1012]='' box[2012]='' \
box[0112]='' box[1112]='' box[2112]='' \
box[0212]='' box[1212]='' box[2212]='' \
box[0022]='' box[1022]='' box[2022]='' \
box[0122]='' box[1122]='' box[2122]='' \
box[0222]='' box[1222]='' box[2222]=''

tty-chart:ascii:screen:length=$viewlength width=$viewwidth
${chart-graphics} \
list-chart:ascii:listing:length=66 width=79 output-file=${list-output-file}


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