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Sample dataset

From: michel
Subject: Sample dataset
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 11:51:03 -0300
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I'm searching some free dataset to include as example on PSPP. I've sended
an email to GSS ( asking
if we could use some sub-set of variables and cases to use, and they
answered me this:

> Sub-sets of GSS data are used in many teaching packages, instructional
data sets, and analysis programs.
> If you wanted to create some demonstration data set from the GSS (some
sub-set of variables and cases)
> and to include that with your program that would be acceptable to us. We
would need to
> a) know the specific content of the GSS data file you are providing (e.g.
what variables for what years) and
> b) receive one copy of the product that you are creating.

Do you think we could use it?

Best regards,


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