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Re: Blog

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: Re: Blog
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 19:51:12 -0700
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michel <address@hidden> writes:

>> When I click on the "English" link in the menu on the right side
>> of your blog, I go to,
>> which just says "Not Found.  Sorry, but you are looking for
>> something that is not here."
>> How do I see the English version?
> That's because when you click on English, you should only see
> English posts. So far I don't have anyone. But on the top menu
> you got three links. "InĂ­cio", "Downloads" and "About". Those
> are the pages translated so far. As English isn't my first
> language, I feel hard to write English posts.

I understand now.

> I have an ideia of letting anyone from pspp-users or pspp-dev lists
> to send me posts on its languages, or to write directly on the blog.


As an initial contribution, the following translation of your
latest post is based on what Google Translate output.  I just
touched up a few words to make the translation smoother.  Since I
don't know Portuguese at all, maybe I misinterpreted, so you
should make sure that it is accurate:


Hello everyone.

There is good news on the version of PSPP in development.  The
first and most important news is that a new output system is
being developed.  It is very similar to the SPSS output system,
and you will be able to copy and paste the result directly from
PSPP to, for example, Microsoft Office.

Because this is so new, I believe that it will take some time to
finish.  Currently this feature is not ready for use.  Once it is
minimally functional, I will provide a facility for testing so
you can monitor the changes.

The second change is the implementation of a function for
calculating the ROC curve.  More information about this here.

The third and latest news is a new algorithm for calculation of a
covariance matrix.  When this algorithm is implemented, it will
be very easy to implement the logistic regression and other
functions that make use of it.

I hope that in August it will be possible to experience the
majority of these new features in versions for Linux and Windows.
I love deadlines.
I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.
--Douglas Adams

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