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Re: Assistance

From: John Darrington
Subject: Re: Assistance
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 07:36:33 +0000
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On Sat, Oct 17, 2009 at 11:22:08AM -0700, Galderisi, Peter wrote:

     Despite Herculean efforts by my university's tech folks, they only seem to 
be able to load the terminal (non GUI) version of PSPP.  I've listed their 
response to me.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 'iacs5" refers to
a particular campus server.
     Regarding the gui interface and iacs5 installation, there are at least
     three problems:
        PSPP requires a version of gtk+ which is more recent than any
        available for the Solaris (or Linux) workstations we manage

In that case, your only option is to compile a recent 'private' Gtk+ version 
locally.  The numerous Gtk+ dependencies can make this a tedious task, but
it's by no means impossible.  
        If we did have a suitable version of gtk+ to use for PSPP, there
        are no Solaris workstations served by iacs5 for your students to

So what workstations are there?
        The Unix version of PSPP we installed on iacs5 uses XWindows
        for graphics display; Windows PCs don't speak XWindows so there's
        no way to run the PSPP gui from a ACMS Windows PC

That's not necessarily true.  There are various implementations of X for 
Windows.   For example, Cygwin provides an X server for windows.  In the
past, I have run Psppire quite sucessfully on a remote (GNU/Linux) machine,
using the local Windows X Server.

However, if there is a heavy load on "iacs5", or if there is significant
latent delay between your workstations and "iacs5", then that option may 
give less than satisfactory performance.  So an alternative would be to 
install Pspp locally on your windows workstations.  I know that Michel 
has built some pre-installed binaries for windows which are available at  I've not tried them
myself, but I understand that they are particulary easy to install and use.

Hope this helps.


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