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Consortium to update PSPP?

From: Galderisi, Peter
Subject: Consortium to update PSPP?
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 10:46:36 -0800


 I have been using PSPP from Ben Plaff and others this quarter in my class as a
successful substitute for SPSS (or, I guess now, PASW).  Ben, Jim
and the gang are busy trying to update the software.  I am
suggested setting up a consortium to accept donations to hire
someone to help with the updates (graphics, output, extra statistics, etc.) 
etc. We can set up a priority list based
on donors given first request.
 The donations will be set up through the Software Freedom Conservancy, not me. 
 I will pledge to match the first $300 that will be obligated.
 Let me know if there are enough non free-riders out there. 
 I think that, with a few thousand dollars, a graduate student could be hired 
to make several of the updates.

 Thanks so much.


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