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PSPP Installation Step-by-Step Walkthrough Please

From: NRagd
Subject: PSPP Installation Step-by-Step Walkthrough Please
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 04:19:27 -0800 (PST)

Can somebody give me a walkthrough for how to install this including all the
files that need to be installed before I install this?

I went to this website This site shows what
I need to download first in order to download PSPP.

The problem is I tried starting by downloading cygwin but something screwed
up with the installation. I need to start over. First I'll have to find all
the cygwin files and delete them(unless they will be automatically removed
when I try installing a second time). Only this time I need to know what to
do every step. I don't know what words like "BIN" and "SRS" mean or which
one to check and which programs to check in the first place in that setup.
The biggest stumbling block is how do I tell it was installed correctly? At
first the program at least opened, not sure if it would have worked when I
downloaded the rest of the programs. I somehow wound up with lots of folders
scattered across my desktop so I tried putting them all in a single folder
and now when I click the program it flashes for a second on my screen and
then disappears, so I guess putting them all in another folder messes it up.
I need a walkthrough. This website does not have detailed enough
instructions. Can someone who has done this please help me?

This is especially important because I have this class and we have homework
assigned that uses the SPSS program. I heard on another site that pspp will
work for what spss works for except pspp can be downloaded for free and spss
can only be downloaded for free as a demo and costs hundreds of dollars to
download to keep. I can use the campus computers to work on my homework but
that's not always convenient because the computers aren't always available.
I like working on my homework when it's convenient. If I find I can't sleep
I work on homework but in the middle of the night the computer lab is

ONE very important thing I need to know before starting this though will
PSPP download .sav files? I assume it will if it's the same kind of program
as SPSS. There is a website I'm supposed to download these files from in
order to do my homework, but when I tried I did not have the right program
to open it.

So unless it can't download .sav files(then if you know please tell me what
can) I'd like someone to give me a step-by-step walkthrough. I'm not a
programmer. I don't know what all these strange words mean and even when I
try looking it up on the internet I'm still confused on what to do.
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