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pspp posthoc abilities

From: Lisa \(Gregory-Naum\) Wilson
Subject: pspp posthoc abilities
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 04:08:31 -0800 (PST)

I installed pspp onto my computer today and have looked all over the place and even downloaded spss demo to help me find post hoc testing for one way anova. in particular i am looking for Tukey HSD posthoc testing...  for both the homogeneous subset and the multiple comparisons. spss has the post hoc options tab in the anova screen for defining dependent variables and factors.  pspp does say something about tukey in the 'rank' menu but this is not the same thing. I am not overly programming literate so i'm not sure if there is a module to install and i'm just missing it or whether this function is just not available at the moment, and any help would be appreciated.
Kind Regards

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