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Re: difficulty converting spreadsheet convertion

From: John Darrington
Subject: Re: difficulty converting spreadsheet convertion
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 14:30:29 +0000
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I think what Michel meant was for you to post the comma seperated file,
(containing fake data f necessary) rather than the .xls file.  Not everyone
uses Windows so it's best to avoid those formats if you can.

Anyway I took your .xls file and converted it to .csv using
and then imported it into psppire using the "File->Import Delimited Text Data"
menuitem.  It seemed to work fine for me.  The only problem was that one cell
in your file contains "xy" instead of a number.  Pspp correctly flags a warning
about this and inserts a "system missing" value for that cell.

Below, is the syntax which Psppire generates for me.  You might find it useful.

    VAR001 F3.0
    VAR002 F2.0
    VAR003 F1.0
    VAR004 F2.0
    VAR005 F2.0
    VAR006 F1.0
    VAR007 F3.0
    VAR008 F1.0
    VAR009 F1.0
    VAR010 F1.0
    VAR011 F1.0
    VAR012 F1.0
    VAR013 F1.0
    VAR014 F1.0
    VAR015 F1.0
    VAR016 F1.0
    VAR017 F1.0
    VAR018 F1.0
    VAR019 F1.0
    VAR020 F1.0
    VAR021 F1.0
    VAR022 F1.0
    VAR023 F1.0
    VAR024 F1.0
    VAR025 F1.0
    VAR026 F1.0
    VAR027 F1.0
    VAR028 F1.0
    VAR029 F1.0
    VAR030 F1.0
    VAR031 F1.0
    VAR032 F1.0
    VAR033 F1.0
    VAR034 F1.0
    VAR035 F1.0
    VAR036 F1.0
    VAR037 F1.0
    VAR038 F1.0
    VAR039 F1.0
    VAR040 F1.0
    VAR041 F1.0
    VAR042 F2.0
    VAR043 F1.0
    VAR044 F1.0
    VAR045 F1.0
    VAR046 F1.0
    VAR047 F1.0
    VAR048 F1.0
    VAR049 F1.0
    VAR050 F1.0
    VAR051 F1.0
    VAR052 F1.0
    VAR053 F1.0
    VAR054 F1.0
    VAR055 F1.0
    VAR056 F1.0
    VAR057 F1.0
    VAR058 F1.0
    VAR059 F1.0
    VAR060 F1.0
    VAR061 F1.0
    VAR062 F1.0
    VAR063 F1.0
    VAR064 F1.0
    VAR065 F1.0
    VAR066 F1.0
    VAR067 F1.0
    VAR068 F1.0
    VAR069 F1.0
    VAR070 F1.0
    VAR071 F1.0
    VAR072 F1.0
    VAR073 F1.0
    VAR074 F1.0
    VAR075 F1.0
    VAR076 F1.0
    VAR077 F1.0
    VAR078 F1.0
    VAR079 F2.0
    VAR080 F1.0
    VAR081 F1.0
    VAR082 F2.0
    VAR083 F1.0
    VAR084 F1.0
    VAR085 F1.0
    VAR086 F1.0
    VAR087 F1.0
    VAR088 F1.0
    VAR089 F1.0
    VAR090 F1.0
    VAR091 F1.0
    VAR092 F1.0
    VAR093 F1.0
    VAR094 F1.0
    VAR095 F1.0
    VAR096 F1.0
    VAR097 F1.0
    VAR098 F1.0
    VAR099 F1.0
    VAR100 F1.0
    VAR101 F1.0
    VAR102 F1.0.

On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 05:09:31PM -0400, Tom Chung wrote:
     Thanks, Michel.
     Data entry is not yet finished.  Due to privicy concern, it is not
     appropriate for me to email it out.  Your advice about the procedures
     to convert the spreadsheet would be good enough and much appreciated.
     On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 5:02 PM, Michel Boaventura
     <address@hidden> wrote:
     > Hello Tom,
     > Could you please send the delimited file that you've created? I think 
     > be easier
     > to the list to help you out with this.
     > Regards,
     > Michel

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