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Hi, ¡i'm still working!

From: Carlos Rivera
Subject: Hi, ¡i'm still working!
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 19:31:28 -0700

Hi, i've been very busy because of my projects at the university, but i'm still working on this.Please watch the image (png) that i'm sending to you, cause if i want to make a bunch of icons to the application, i need to know if i'm going on the right way, but the most important thing to me, i need to know if guys like what i'm designing.

Thanks again, this is an honor to me. I'll be waiting for an answer. Thanks.

Carlos Rivera
U.A.B.C. Mercadotecnia
665 104 7151
664 306 5688

"Dios transforma los corazones, y un corazon transformado...transforma el mundo"

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