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Import SPSS file fails because of datetime width

From: Andreas Lappe
Subject: Import SPSS file fails because of datetime width
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2010 16:28:27 +0200
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I just tried to use PSPP for my thesis but I can't get it to import my

I did an online-survey and the provider of it offers the data in two
files, either a combined SPSS-file holding syntax and data or a separat
syntax to use with a data-file. They state that the combined format only
works for SPSS version > 17,... as the error on both formats is the
same, I therefor assume that PSPP is able to handle such combined

The error is: Syntax1:12: syntax error: Input format DATETIME0.0
specifies width 0, but DATETIME requires a width between 17 and 40.

The line 12 in the combined file is: STARTED (DATETIME)

The column STARTED looks like: 24-07-2010 14:22:05

Version in use: 0.6.2

I hope the information provided helps to make my problem clear...

So long
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  no more, no less
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