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Print comments in automated output

From: Andreas Lappe
Subject: Print comments in automated output
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 21:39:34 +0200
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Hey folks,

I use a pspp -o output.pdf input.stat to generate a report as an
attachment to my thesis (simple frequencies and crosstabs as raw data).
I further learned to use COMMENT or * to mark what exactly is calculated
where, but this output is omitted in the PDF. Is there a way to print
these comments?

Sorry, I hope it's nothing to obvious. COMMENT and PRINT don't do that,
it seems...

So long
,,O nein, Enoch, ich lasse mich nicht zu irgendeinem ausländischen
Handelsunternehmen verleiten. Dieser Tay ist durchaus harmlos, aber ich
glaube nicht, daß die Engländer sich je für etwas derart Exotisches
erwärmen werden.´´ -(1655)

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