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frequency menu item produce CRITICAL error

From: Zoltan FABIAN
Subject: frequency menu item produce CRITICAL error
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2010 14:04:10 +0200
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I have compiled pspp 0.7.2. After overcoming the gcc bug described in a previous post ("error while loading shared libraries") I was able to run psppire, but whenever I click on "frequencies" menu, it crash with an error: ** (psppire:31458): CRITICAL **: Couldnt open user interface file /usr/local/share/pspp/frequencies.ui: Többször szereplő objektumazonosító („frame1”) a(z) 115. sorban (korábban a(z) 77. sorban)

(Something like: Multiple object identifier (frame1) in row 115 and earlier in row 77)

** (psppire:31458): CRITICAL **: Object "button1" could not be found

I am working on an Ubuntu 10.04 box. Any ideas?


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