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merging files and doing simple stats

From: Gordon Handford
Subject: merging files and doing simple stats
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2011 14:43:45 -0800

New to PSPP (0.7.5 version run on Windows 7 home premium).  Want to merge four files and run simple stats comparing portions of the files that have overlapping fields.  I have built one file with about 250 variables, all named, with 94 cases each from one of four versions of a survey.  Need to merge data from four online copies of the same four surveys.  I have cleaned up the online versions so they align with the variables in the PSPP file, have created CSV files, can successfully import those CSV files to PSPP.  But when I try to "merge" (add a file to the existing PSPP  by "importing" the imported file simply replaces the original data.  How can I build the omnibus file that will allow comparisons between identical components of the four versions?
Thanks for your patience!
Cheers, Gordon.

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