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Re: please join me in a prize for CTABLES

From: John Darrington
Subject: Re: please join me in a prize for CTABLES
Date: Fri, 27 May 2011 14:33:46 +0000
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Well thanks for the vote of confidence!

However, it's amazing how rapidly good will can turn sour once money becomes 
So I'm not totally against the idea of a defacto benevonent organization, but 
it would 
need to be reasonably carefully thought out.  Issues that anyone involved in 
funds would have to consider include:

* Administrative costs:  Paypal takes a cut of everything.  Also there has been 
much negative publicity surrounding Paypal recently.  Alternatives like EGold 
an Bitcoin
might be worth considering.

* Currencies.  In what currency would most donors be able to donate? and in 
what currency
would most recipients want their cut?  Exchange fees can be quite significant 
for small 

* Donors to an ad hoc organisation would not be able to claim a tax refund on 
what they
give, unlike the situation where it was done through the FSF or simimlar 
charitable body.

* How many different "funds" should exist.  Eg, should there be a CTABLES fund, 
a GLM fund,
a LOGISTIC REGRESSION fund etc. or just one general one.    It the latter, then 
Juan might
be disappointed (or even aggrieved) if his $100 which he donated in expectation 
got spent on something else.  On the other hand if there are too many funds, 
then the 
money might get spread so thinly that it would be of no use.

To answer these questions, maybe somebody should put together a reasonably well 
out online survey (to be analyesd using PSPP of course!) to discover what 
people want, 
how much and in what form they are prepared to give in order to get it.

I'm sure there must be people on this channel who've done such surveys before, 
so if 
you want to help please volunteer.


On Fri, May 27, 2011 at 02:16:25PM +0200, Karel Novotny wrote:
     You've been providing excellent voluntary support for number of years
     that I followed and used the project (you and couple of your
     colleagues). So, if your core team of developers feel confident that you
     can administer the paypay account and retributions for specific requests
     without this turning into a nightmare for you, then I suggest you go
     ahead with Paypal, if FSF is not responsive.
     I assume you have full trust of those whom you have been supporting for
     so long. 
     On Fri, 2011-05-27 at 02:19 +0000, Jason Stover wrote:
     > Thanks for the offer. For some time, I have been asking Free Software
     > Foundation to set up an account for PSPP to accept donations for
     > coding. I'm starting to think they'll never act on this. The other
     > alternative is for "us" (whoever that should be) to set up something
     > like a PayPal account, independently of FSF, to accept
     > donations. Though faster, this approach may suffer from an appearance
     > of illegitimacy and lack of oversight.
     > What do potential donors think of this idea? Set up something on our
     > own? Or wait, possibly forever, to hear from FSF?
     > -Jason
     > On Thu, May 26, 2011 at 12:49:52PM -0700, Juan Zuluaga wrote:
     > > Hello friends of PSPP,
     > > 
     > > I am sure I'm not the only one in need of CTABLES. I put US$100 (who 
should I send the check to?) .
     > > Please join me in adding to this little money pot for the PSPP people 
to work on CTABLES.  
     > > 
     > > Something that can deal with something like 
     > >  
     > > CTABLES
     > >   /VLABELS VARIABLES=grade Group MAPReadingFall MAPReadingSpring 
GainInReading tGainInReading DISPLAY=LABEL
     > >   /TABLE  grade [C] > Group [C] 
     > >            BY MAPReadingFall [S][ count] 
     > >             + MAPReadingFall [S][  mean F40.1, STDDEV PAREN40.1]
     > >             + MAPReadingSpring [S][ MEAN F40.1, STDDEV PAREN40.1]
     > >             + GainInReading [s] [ mean F40.1, STDDEV PAREN40.1]
     > >             + tGainInReading [s] [ mean F40.1, STDDEV PAREN40.1]
     > >   /titles title="MAP scores in Reading, Fall to Spring, by group".
     > > 
     > > or 
     > > 
     > > CTABLES
     > >   /TABLE group [C][COUNT F40.0, ROWPCT.COUNT PCT40.1] BY MCAMPASS [C]
     > >   /titles title="MCA Math pass rates by engagement & grade".
     > > 
     > > And if I could add something to the wishlist, it would be to design 
the routine in such a way that it could be reused by the R people, if possible. 
     > > 
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     > >
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