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General reminder

From: John Darrington
Subject: General reminder
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2011 19:02:31 +0000
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This is a general reminder to everyone about how to ask for help with PSPP.
This message is sent to everyone who joins this list, but it seems that 
some people joined a long time ago and have forgotten.

You are strongly recommended to read Eric Raymond's excellent text "How to ask 
questions the smart way" which you can find at 

The following points in particular are especially relevant.

* State which version of PSPP you are using.  In the GUI you can see this using 
  the menu Help|About - In the command line "pspp --version" will tell you.  If 
  you are using a precompiled binary downloaded from some 3rd party website, or 
  a package from a distributes OS such as Ubuntu or Debian that is also 

* State the operating system you are using - and be specific as possible.

* Include in your message a copy of the syntax which you have been trying.  If 
  you are using the GUI, the syntax automatically gets logged in the file 

* Choose the right forum: If you are sure you have found a bug AND you are 
  using a very recent pspp version, then open a bug report at AFTER you have checked to see that 
  it's not already been reported.  If you are not sure whether your problem is 
  a bug or not, assume that it's not and ask on address@hidden Please do 
  not send help requests to the developer's mailing list.

* If somebody replies to your question and you need to follow it up, post your 
  follow-up question to the list.  Don't send the person a private email unless 
  they explicitly invite you to.

Thanks for listening.

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