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Re: Old mainframe save file

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: Re: Old mainframe save file
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2012 15:23:30 -0800
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Chris Muller <address@hidden> writes:

> I'd be happy to send you the file. Will do so off-list. (Not familiar with
> pspp-dump-sav.)

Thanks.  I received it.

> p.s. the EBCDIC is a Swedish version, so standard American EBC/ASC tables can
> give illegal variable names, etc. Maybe that's the problem? 

I haven't taken a look yet, but yes it seems possible.  Do you
know where I can find a conversion table between this version of
EBCDIC and some ISO or Unicode character set?  Or maybe you can
identify the particular character set name for this given at  The latter would
be ideal.

Is this character set, for example, the following from that URL
(for which I do have a mapping table):

    Name: IBM278                                              [RFC1345,KXS2]
    MIBenum: 2034
    Source: IBM NLS RM Vol2 SE09-8002-01, March 1990
    Alias: CP278
    Alias: ebcdic-cp-fi
    Alias: ebcdic-cp-se
    Alias: csIBM278

> That was the case with some even older files that started with
> $FIL rather than $FL2. (That seemed to be the standard format
> prior to 1984 or so.) I took the easy way out and just mapped
> certain text codes to harmless values. The client was OK with
> that.

That's good to know, in case we cannot find a precise mapping


Ben Pfaff

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