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From: graeme
Subject: Newbie.
Date: Tue, 01 May 2012 12:29:19 -0700


I've received a lot of data as a .sav file and I'm trying out PSPP. Not only are my statistic chops about 15 years out of date, but I'm also an SQL kind of guy, and so everything seems like "why can't I just use a where statement? Apologies right of the bat for my uselessness.

If you need to know: psppire 0.6.2, on joliOS 1.2 (ya - not really very experienced with Linux either).

1. The data set is a fairly large survey on a set of attitudes. I'm not even trying to do anything fancy like regression. I just want to count the responses to a question (i.e. 203 said Chocolate, 402 said Vanilla).

2. the really advanced stuff is when I'd like to find out: of respondents who are both A and B, what is their preference of ice cream?

After google and the wiki, I thought I had some things figured out. In the variable view the data is now changed to Nominal. I seem to be getting the kind of results I'm looking for using the crosstabs, but there is one thing bugging me. I should have a count of respondents, and it should be a number, no decimal places (i.e. no half people responded to the survey). But all my numbers have decimal places, leading me to think that I'm really, really not getting this.

I probably deserve a response like: get yourself to a stats class. I can accept this.


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