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PSPP Version 079 - Problems with German Characters

From: Alle
Subject: PSPP Version 079 - Problems with German Characters
Date: Sat, 5 May 2012 10:27:42 +0200


Installation - PSPP build pspp-079-20120315-32bits

I assume you already know this but in case you don't we are not able to import 
/ load any sps file that contains any special German characters in the values. 
The output is "bad character U+FFFD". The same occurs with the Euro Symbol 
("€"). This occurs on a Windows 7 installation and a LINUX installation. These 
are valid UTF8 files.  This would appear to be a regression since the import of 
the same files works with

We have tried creating the sps file with all imaginable encodings (i.e. UTF 8, 
UTF 16, CP 1252 (which is standard for local installation), etc.) with no 
resolution of the problem. At the moment we must use ASCII encoding which has 
no national characters or replace all special German characters prior to the 

The RC 2012-03-20 and 2012-04-11, installed on Windows 7, crash when the import 
file is run.

In the PSPP Version pspp-master-20111111 ( the import works without 
problems but this version is not stable on a (German) Windows 7 installation.

I can supply example files if desired.


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