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Re: Does PSPP works with Windows networks?

From: Eliana
Subject: Re: Does PSPP works with Windows networks?
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2012 06:39:52 -0800

On 6/23/12, Ivan de Paula <address@hidden> wrote:
> ... I am interested in using  PSPP for a database created in SPSS, I would 
> like
> to know
> if this software including Windows networking features so this database
> could be accessed for
> more than a user at the same time.

Whether you can do what you want with PSPP on Windows depends on
exactly what you want to do.  Please explain  in more detail what you
would like to be able to do.

I am thinking that if you want other people to be able to see what you
are doing with the database, while you are working in PSPP, it might
be possible to do something using shared sessions in VNC (Virtual
Network Computing).

But I do not know Windows at all, and  I do not know if VNC and the
file system in Windows  can be set up so that only one user has write


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