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Re: Need Help: How To Combine Data From 3 Different Files?

From: Alan Mead
Subject: Re: Need Help: How To Combine Data From 3 Different Files?
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 23:06:27 -0500
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They are probably blank records in the pst.sav file. If all of the good records have some non-missing variable, like X, then you could use syntax like:

* for numeric variables.
select if( not sysmis(X)).


* for string variables.
select if(not x='').

to remove such cases (they are removed from the working file in memory as soon as you execute them, and they are permanently removed when you save the working data file.

There's probably an easy interface way to do this, like highlighting those rows and pressing "Delete".


On 6/26/2012 11:00 PM, zamdlr wrote:
I have 3 files before combined, which is pst.sav - 109 cases, pdt.sav - 17
cases & akaun.sav - 23 cases, when i combine this 3 files using this syntax:

/FILE="C:\Documents and

/FILE='C:\Documents and
/FILE='C:\Documents and

I get a new file will all the combine data, but the problem is, there were
empty cases from 110 onward until 142, from 143 onward i started to get all
the data from other files. What should i do to rectify this problem or how
can i delete those empty cases? Thank you.

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