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Re: Re: Data Manipulation

From: Michele Mor
Subject: Re: Re: Data Manipulation
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 19:50:09 +0400

Hi John,
> There are many ways to add cases and/or variables to an existing dataset.
> For example, to add a new variable, whose cases should take the value of one 
> more
> than an existing variable:
> COMPUTE newvar = oldvar + 1.
I did not explained myself properly.
I am referring to the SPSS equivalent of the JOIN command that it is used for 
At my company we use SPSS to join different data sources using a common key 
You can join 2 data files using one of them as a lookup table, or join records 
from both data files.
Hope that this clarifies what I have meant.

 > Adding cases can be done, for example, using the ADD FILES command, or INPUT 
 > PROGRAM commands.
Not aware of this.
Any chance that you'll add a nice GUI menu for it? :-)


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